Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Travel Problem

I'm away to Spain in a few hours—or, at least, through two other countries and then, eventually, finally to Spain. (In theory my trip starts today. In terms of actually walking, it will probably start three days hence.)

Books are always an issue when I travel. It's just impossible to carry enough of them to see me through a trip. (I am the sort of person who packs three books if I suspect it will be a slow day at work...and as often as not get through at least two and a half of them). I don't have (or want) an e-reader, which means that for more than a month of backpacking...

Well. I've always been fond of Jane Eyre. Here's hoping that that's still true by the end of June. My bigger concern at the moment is all that travel time before I actually get to travelling...which means bringing 'disposable books', or copies of books that I won't mind leaving on planes or trains or hostels. (Or maybe I'll love the books and regret having to leave them behind. Who knows?) On this trip ransacked my shelves and came up with This Won't Hurt a BitSaba, and Phenomenal...and now I have to go worry about whether or not I should add to the stack and, you know, whether or not I forgot anything Absolutely Crucial when packing. (Answer: probably.)